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Me llego este correo y quise compartirlo con ustedes, prometo que me daré el tiempo de traducirlo al español…pero por lo pronto ahí les va en inglés:

You have been in Norway too long when…

  • You can’t remember when to say, “please” and “excuse me”.
  • You always prepare to catch the closing door, if following too close behind somebody.
  • You use “Mmmm” as conversation filler (preferentially enhanced by a crossed arms position).
Lars Monsen

Lars Monsen

  • You think that there is no such a thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.
  • It seems nice to spend a week in a small wooden cottage up in the middle of nowhere, without running water or electricity.
  • You don’t fall over when walking on ice.
  • It’s acceptable to eat lunch at 11.00 and dinner at 15.00.
  • You enjoy the taste of lutefisk and pinnekjøtt.
  • You associate warm rice porridge with Saturday and Xmas.
  • You can prepare fish in five different ways, without cooking it.


  • You no longer think that it’s unusual to squirt some paste out from a tube onto a hard cookie and call it lunch.
  • When entering someone’s house, and upon taking your shoes off, you no longer think that you are in Japan.
  • It feels natural to wear sports clothes and back pack to go to the cinema and everywhere else.


  • You think that women’s handball is a “World class” sport.
  • You know the meaning of life has something to do with the word “koselig”.
  • You find yourself debating the politics of Torbjørn Jagland.
Bjørn Dæhlie

Bjørn Dæhlie

  • You can’t understand why foreigners have never heard about Bjørn Dæhlie.
  • You know at least five different words describing different kinds of snow.
  • The first thing you do on entering a bank/post office/pharmacy etc. is look for the queue number machine.
  • You accept that you will have to queue to take a queue number.
  • A sharp intake of breath has become part of your active vocabulary.
  • Your native language has seriously deteriorated; you “eat medicine” and “go and lay yourself”.  pant

You rummage through your plastic bottles collection to see which ones you should keep to take to the store and which can be sacrificed to the recycle center.

  • Your front door step is beginning to resemble a shoe shop.
  • When a stranger on the street smiles at you, you assume that:
    -he is drunk;
    -he is insane;
    -he is American;
    -he is all of the above.
  • Silence is fun. (!!!) Have you seen the TV program “Silent Library”? 😉
  • The reason you take the ferry to Denmark is:
    -duty free vodka
    -duty free beer
    -to party
  • The only reason for getting of the boat in Copenhagen is to eat pizza.


  • You associate Friday afternoon with a trip to Vinmonopolet.
  • 150 nok is a reasonable price for a “cheap” wine.
  • It no longer seems excessive to spend 500NOK on alcohol in a single night.
  • Your old habit of being “fashionably late” is no longer acceptable.
  • An outside temperature of 9 degrees Celsius is mild (in mid June).
  • You think riding a racing bike in the snow is a perfectly sensible thing to do (with or without snowtires).

And finally, you start to believe that, if it wasn’t for Norway’s efforts the World would probably collapse pretty soon.

Heia Norge!

Heia Norge!

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